Cemal Okten (je-mal) is a developer based in London.

He can be contacted via Email.

A more detailed list of his projects can be found on GitHub.

Website with lots of colourful badges

⤻ React Native todo list - Github

Keyboard glockenspiel with brown background Keyboard glockenspiel with blue background

⤻ Keyboard glockenspeil - Github

Image of Sweater CLI

⤻ Sweater CLI written in GO - Github

Website with lots of colourful badges

⤻ Version of porfolio built in Typescript - Github

Mobile colour scheme generator

⤻ Colour-scheme generator - Github

Weather forcast with colours to indicate metrics

⤻ Weather forcasts with colour representations - Github

Colourful page of squares

⤻ Randomly generated artwork - Github

Emoji of ISS flying over blue sea

⤻ Where is the ISS? Over Land or Sea? - Github

Image of terminal modal editor

⤻ Jellybeans theme for Helix modal editor - Github