On the constant journey of learning to become a better programmer, here is a list of things I would like to at least try and hopefully even use in a project this year, along with some questions I'd like to answer and some personal goals.

  1. Data structures and algorithms: Figure out why some things are fast and some are slow. For example, why does finding an index in an array take longer than retrieving a value from an object?

  2. Database migrations: What happens when I need to change the schema? How can I migrate existing data without ruining my life? - Dev Deletes Entire Production Database 👀

  3. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): I live in constant fear of deployment, with a general approach that amounts to 'future me will figure it out'. It would be nice to feel on top of it.

  4. What are WebSockets? How can I use one/them in a project?

  5. JSDoc: What is it? Why use it instead of Typescript?

  6. Test-Driven Development (TDD): This ones been on my list for a while.

  7. Linux core utils: I love the command line but have often avoided using things like AWK, SED, and FD.

  8. Read the documentation: I tend to jump in before having a clue.

  9. Get something I've built into the hands of a real user - someone I've never met who decides to use what I've created simply because it solves a problem they have. This feels doable but also impossible at the same time.

  10. Read one of the books on my shelf, unlikely, but I can dream.

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